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Providing optimal results for you and your patient.

Byrnes Dental Laboratory - Providing optimal results for you and your patient.

Our aim as a Laboratory is to provide optimal results for you and your patient.

Here at Byrnes Dental Laboratory we offer crown and bridge, implant and prosthetic work. We have special interests in complex implant cases, digital dentistry and advanced prosthetics including attachment and implant work.

We are a leader in CAD-CAM and digital technology working with companies like Straumann CARES, Dental Wings, iTero and Bioment 3i. We work with both technical and clinical systems and this constant research means we can keep you informed of what works, what is cost effective and what will help grow your business through your patients’ satisfaction.

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Administration, Business and Education

Vanessa and Leanne are our dynamic duo when it comes all things administration.  From answering all of your calls, ensuring all the work is assigned to the correct people and delivered on time - the ladies are always looking to deliver outstanding customer service. 

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Teeth in an hour - Guided surgery

Guided surgery allows patients with no teeth to have fixed teeth made on the same day. In this case the patient had to have all their teeth extracted but instead of just giving the patient a new denture, Richard offered guided surgery. We made the upper and lower teeth in the lab so on the day of implant placement, Richard could use guided jigs to drill in the implants and then screw the fixed teeth onto them all on the same day. The transformation was exceptional and the patient was delighted to have had all major the treatment performed on the same day and leave with fixed teeth.

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